Conference Held to Discuss How to Fight Growing Wild Hog Population

Conference Held to Discuss How to Fight Growing Wild Hog Population

Author: Landon McBride

Published: 06:25 PM CDT Apr 25, 2018

WICHITA FALLS - Today farmers and ranchers came together to discuss how to stop a common enemy, wild hogs. Experts from around the state came in to discuss the different ways to try and control the hog population.

A population that has been steadily growing since the end of the drought a few years back. Farmers and ranchers have tried a number of different methods to control the population, from different types of traps, methods of hunting and in the past a poison. There are a number of traits these animals have that makes controlling the population so hard.

“They have a tremendous reproductive capacity,” said Josh Helcel, an extension associate. “They also have a high degree of intelligence and adaptability. It’s that intelligence and adaptability coupled with the reproductive capacity of this species that certainly complicates control efforts.”

Wild hogs can cause a significant amount of damage to property, especially crops.
“Wild pigs cause an estimated $52 million in agricultural damage in Texas alone. They cause an estimated $1.5 billion in agricultural damages in the United States annually,” Helcel said.
Wild hogs can also contaminate water supplies because they tend to carry diseases.

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