AGCAST: Facing the Feral Hog Problem

AGCAST: Facing the Feral Hog Problem

Published: August 17, 2018

A feral hog trap like the one Hendrix uses on his Pike County property.

Wild or feral hogs have been reported in all 75 counties in Arkansas, carrying disease and causing extensive damage to property. It’s an old problem in need of new solutions, because control and eradication is an expensive and time-intensive process. Darwin Hendrix of Pike County is a member of the state feral hog eradication task force appointed in 2017 and he’s been trapping feral hogs for 10 years with some success. In this edition of Arkansas Agcast, he discusses his efforts to deal with the destructive hogs and what will be necessary to successfully address this costly problem at the state level.   

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