Missouri Feral Hog Eradication Continues

Missouri Feral Hog Eradication Continues

Author: Rhiannon Branch

Published: June 18, 2018

Almost four-thousand feral hogs have been eradicated in Missouri so far this year.

Missouri Department of Conservation’s Bill White tells Brownfield they are partnering with USDA to reduce the risk of damage to farmland.

“The department has taken a very proactive approach to the elimination of feral hogs. We have partnered with USDA APHIS to put on some feral hog trappers who work full time. A lot of it is happening on private land and it is helping us increase the number of hogs that we are able to take from the state.”

More than six thousand feral hogs were eliminated last year, an increase from five thousand the year before.

“What we have done is put together some target areas and we are hoping we can eliminate the hogs in those target areas one by one and finally eradicate them from the state,” White said.

The largest known populations are in the southern third of Missouri. Anyone who sees feral hogs should not shoot them but contact their local conservation agent.

The department says a group of 10 hogs can destroy 20-30 acres overnight, including crops, causing financial burdens on Missouri’s landowners and agriculture producers.

Brownfield interviewed White at the USDA/NRCS meeting at Lincoln University’s Carver Farm last week.

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