County takes aim at feral hog issue

County takes aim at feral hog issue

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Dr. Aaron Sumrall said the grant will be used to improve the water quality in the area by reducing the feral hog population in the area.

“Our goal is to apply the grant to get more trapper equipment that we need in this county,” Sumrall said. “We also need to educate this population about feral hogs and make sure that everyone learns the right way in trapping feral hogs.”

Sumrall is hosting a Wild Pig Biology and Management Workshop Tuesday, Oct. 23 and he said he is hoping at that time that he can talk with more of the public on the issue at hand with feral hogs in Matagorda County.

“If we can all work together to reduce feral hogs in this county, it would help towards water contamination issues that we have in this county,” Sumrall said. 

The workshop that was originally scheduled in August was postponed due to crops harvest has been rescheduled. 

Sumrall said wild pigs still account for in excess of $500 million in agricultural loss annually in Texas alone. 

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